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Lead Retrieval Services

Scanner Rentals & On-Site Delivery

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Lead retrieval services can be provided for you and your event exhibitors. Lead retrieval scanners include pre-configured, dedicated scanners as well as a downloadable mobile app that can be run on personal mobile devices.

Mobile device with scanner on screen

Lead Retrieval Scanner Rentals

Dedicated wireless lead retrieval scanners can be pre-configured and delivered ready to go. Each of the dedicated scanners will deliver your scan data to the Positive Proximity servers, and will actively prepare reports and data exports for you that you can access at any time.

Mobile device and smart phone with scanner application on screen

Mobile App Lead Retrieval Licenses

If you and your exhibitors prefer to use your own mobile devices, you have the option to install the mobile app lead retrieval license. This license will collect all of the same lead retrieval data, and will provide you with the same level of reports and exports.

Excel Analytics Export

On-Demand Scan Exports and Analytics

Data is collected by the Positive Proximity platform and is available, on-demand, to your exhibitors. The scan data is available online at any time during and after your event.


Please feel free to discuss our lead retrieval solutions with your sales representative so that scanners can be reserved for your event.

  • Dedicate Lead Retrieval Scanners
  • Mobile App Lead Retrieval Licenses
  • Online Access to Reports and Scan Exports
  • Bulk Pricing Options Available
  • Exhibitor Self Service Tools
  • On-Demand Data Acquisition