Attendee Name Badges

On-Demand Printing, No Internet Required.

NameBadgeNow® is a Complete Badge Printing Suite That Delivers On-Site
Badge Printing, Custom Logo Badge Design, RFID & QR Encoding Support


Each on-site badge station includes a pre-configured touch screen laptop and Zebra Thermal Printer for producing high quality on-demand name badges with QR and/or RFID Encoding. Custom pre-printed badge orders are affordable for any size event.

Grey Zebra printer with an example badge with QR code

Zebra Printer Support

Industry standard printing stations can be set up on-site to service your attendees as they arrive. Zebra printers and scanners are available to rent and work well for medium and large events.

Black and grey Dymo printer with example badge and QR code

Dymo Badge Printer Support

If you have a smaller event, printing attendee name badges using a Dymo Badge Printer is a cost effective option and is quickly and easily deployed.

Example of a laser printer and sheet on top with print-out of badges

Laser Printer (Badge Sheets) Support

Pre-printing name badges using a Laser Printer is a cost effective option for small events. Avery badge sheets are available on and in most office supply stores.

Name Badges Summary
  • Attendance Session Tracking
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Access Control
  • RFID Badges (medium to large events)
  • Dymo Printer Support
  • Laser Printer Support
  • Custom Design Name Badges